Novi is a Machine Learning Driven Well Planning Software Platform for Shale

Novi's artificial intelligence driven software helps shale operators improve economic outcomes through completions and spacing optimization

Turn Data Into Better Wells

Novi connects petroleum engineering teams to a single source of data and interactive predictive models, allowing Asset teams to focus on improving economic outcomes on capital drilling programs.

Focus on Optimizing Economic Outcomes

Asset teams use Novi software to drive well planning workflows. Instead of arguing about data, engineering and planning teams work together to optimize returns on well portfolios.

Drive Efficiency in Planning Workflows

Asset teams leverage Novi software collaboratively across functions, including reservoir, geology, completions & planning. Novi workflows and software eliminate the need for spreadsheet driven type curve scaling.

We Help Shale Asset Teams Make Better Decisions

Novi software combines machine learning algorithms and intuitive web applications designed to help petroleum engineers to drill more profitable wells.

Make your type curves an interactive business application

Type curves drive oil & gas operator decision making – production forecasting, reserves estimation, and investment decisions. They need to be accurate and they need to be current.

The Novi solution uses predictive analytics built on oil & gas data to drive dynamic per-well type curves for oil, gas, condensate and water that scale automatically for completion designs and spacing considerations.

With Novi, you can optimize well designs on a per-well or per-pad level.

Use all of the data to drive decisions

Shale plays introduce relatively large volumes of hetereogenous data. Each variable could have a different impact on each well.

Novi’s predictive modeling approach captures complex non-linear and non-parametric data relationships, so you can optimize each well based on the unique attributes of its location, spacing, and proposed completion design data.

With Novi’s predictive models, you can push the efficient frontier of well design and increase the pace of innovation.

Evaluate field development decisions in almost real-time

Use Novi’s dynamic type curves to create economic models that help optimize a well portfolio, one well at a time.  With Novi, you can:

  • Test sensitivity to different strip pricing expectations.
  • Get recommended completion design parameters for each well to optimize economic outcome.
  • Create economic projections that model well, pad, package or portfolio level options.
  • Evaluate hundreds of scenarios in a single day to determine the best economic return for your organization.

Whether your focus is on rate of return, net present value, present value index, or cash payback, Novi’s software can help you get the best return on your capital.

About Us: We are your Partner in Oil & Gas

Novi is changing the way oil & gas operators make well investment decisions. We are committed to driving innovation in North American oil & gas operators, a critical component of the economy.

"Novi" derives from Latin meaning "to know". We are a team that knows the oil & gas industry and strives to bring innovative workflows and software to solve the biggest challenges facing shale focused operators.

We have assembled an experienced team of software engineers, data scientists and domain experts dedicated to the idea that we can use machine learning to fundamentally change the way oil & gas wells are drilled and completed.

At Novi, we believe that hydrocarbons will remain vital to meeting global energy demand; we seek to offer superior well planning software that allows operators to extract hydrocarbons as efficiently as possible.

Our software is available on an annual subscription basis, and includes a highly collaborative support model designed to drive sustainable competitive advantage for Novi customers.

We are working with leading operators in major basins across North America.

Let us help you optimize your well portfolio.

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