Novi Insight Engine

Production Profiles Dashboard​

Using the Production Profiles Dashboard, you can find the decline curves for all horizontal wells, based on the latest oil & gas production data. This allows you to easily compare well performance over time, between operators/basins. You can also select wells on a map, e.g. a particular well and its offsets.

Several charts are available and production data can be normalized.

Key Questions & Capabilities

Key Questions:

  • How has well productivity changed over time for the operator or area that I am interested in?
  • How do basins/operators/formations compare in terms of well productivity?
  • How does one particular well compare with other wells in the area?


  • Easily select wells with filters or on a map.
  • Compare their performance by any dimension (time, formation, operator, well, etc).
  • See rate vs time, cum. vs time, or rate vs cum. graphs.
  • Normalize production data by lateral length/proppants.
  • Updated multiple times a day.

Want to see for yourself how intuitive and easy it is to use?