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Total Production Dashboard​

Using the total production dashboard, you can find the total amount of oil or gas produced by any set of selected wells. Do you want to know how much tight oil was produced in the United States, or in the Permian or by a certain operator? Here you quickly can find the answer.

By showing this production data by different dimensions, you can easily learn more details. (e.g. by vintage to show the underlying decline, or by state to understand where a certain operator gets most of its production).

Key Questions & Capabilities

Key Questions:

  • How much oil & gas have different basins/operators/formations produced?
  • Where has the operator of your interest wells, and how much are they producing?
  • How up-to-date is the production data?
  • How many producing wells are there in a certain area?


  • Contains a chart with the total oil or gas produced for all wells selected.
  • Includes a chart that shows the number of wells that have started producing by state, and through when each state has been reported. Here you can also find the number of wells that were not yet reported in the last month(s).
Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions
  • Shell
  • Blue OX Resources
  • Bedrock Energy Partner
  • Endeavor Energy Resources
  • Hite Hedge

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