Novi Insight Engine

Water Production Dashboard​

Key Questions & Capabilities

Key Questions:

  • How is the WOR changing for producing wells?
  • How has the overall WOR changed over time in an area?
  • Which wells have a low/high WOR?”


  • A map shows the location of all wells, colored by the WOR in the most recent month.
  • Several charts are available that allow you to see how WORs have developed over time.

Want to see for yourself how intuitive and easy it is to use?


Accurate forecast on parent-child developments

In this live webinar, you will learn how Novi’s new algorithm improves model sensitivity for spacing and parent-child scenarios, providing powerful results for previously difficult-to-analyze problems.

Ted Cross, our VP of Product Management, will show you how this update improves spacing and infill scenario analysis without sacrificing model accuracy.