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Well Permits Activity Dashboard​

Information about permits for new horizontal wells is shown here. How many permits were approved over time, where they are located and individual details. You can also rank operators (or e.g. counties) by the number of approved permits in any time period. Handy if you want to know which operators are most active in applying for permits. A map is available, which shows the permitted locations.

Key Questions & Capabilities

Key Questions:

  • How many permits have been approved/completed/cancelled over time, and their split by e.g. operator.
  • Which operators are most actively acquiring new permits and where are these permitted locations?
  • What are the permit details, such as the approval date, well name, location and expiration date?


Three charts are available in which the number of selected permits can be seen over time, or ranked by e.g. operator, or with all the permit details available. An interactive map is available which shows the permitted locations.

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