Looking for a Enverus / DrillingInfo alternative?

Novi Labs vs. Enverus (DrillingInfo)

Why Energy professionals choose Novi Labs:

  • The most accurate, timely, and complete upstream data.
  • High-quality market alternative with advanced data science.
  • Collaboratively built with leading operators.
Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions
  • Shell
  • Blue OX Resources
  • Bedrock Energy Partner
  • Endeavor Energy Resources

We understand the importance of choosing an oil & gas data analytics platform that fits your business needs. That’s why we’ve compared what our platform has to offer with that of Enverus, a key player in the space.  The problem with all-in-one solutions like Enverus is that you end up paying a premium price for extraneous capabilities that you probably don’t need and won’t use.

Our dataset is as accurate as any in the industry, with unmatched timeliness and ease of use. You can license the areas and capabilities that drive value to you and your organization, without having to pay for things you’ll never use. Our data includes production, completions, surveys, lease-to-well allocation, rig data, header data, production forecasts, and other key data types. If you’re on the lookout for alternatives to Enverus, let us help you out!

Empowering Oil & Gas companies to gain insights into the oil and gas market.

Novi Labs = data quality + transparent pricing

Our approach is radically different from legacy solutions

How do we stack up against our competitors?

Investment-grade data; most accurate, complete, and timely data

Our oil and gas datasets offer unparalleled accuracy and completeness, delivered with industry-leading speed.

Plug and play machine learning models

Building your own machine learning capabilities can take several months to years, and requires huge upfront investments (like hiring a team of data science experts). Novi gives you best-in-class analytics with no coding or maintenance required.

Pre-built, interactive dashboards

Our ready-made dashboards allow you to spot correlations and crucial trends in the data with an exceptional level of detail - before your competitors.

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What data is included?

We offer the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

  • Well header data
  • Production
  • Highly accurate lease-to-well allocation
  • Completions
  • Subsurface & landing zones
  • Acreage maps
  • Well tests
  • Well permits
  • Directional survey data
  • Well spacing
  • Production forecasts
  • Vertical and horizontal wells included

Not sure how Novi Labs best fits your needs?​

Novi’s AI-driven well planning software is the only product of its kind that revolutionizes the way oil & gas investments are made.

How Can Novi Labs help you?​

AI-driven oil well drilling optimization workflows

"Traditional production forecasting & type curve tools" were supposed to solve all of our asset evaluation problems… until they didn't.

Budget & Planning

  • Automation of key workflows is a necessity.
  • Decrease planning risk.
  • Routine planning efficiency is critical.

Development Optimization

  • Improve scenario-driven analysis.
  • Optimize spacing/stacking design.
  • Quickly react to cost inflation.

Acquisition & Divestiture

  • Faster, smarter deal evaluations.
  • Proactively target assets.
  • Improve your divestiture price.

E&P companies are turning to Novi Labs to gain a competitive edge

Over 2,000 customers are already using Novi Labs to improves decision quality, efficiency and return on capital.

Will Todd

"We did an extensive evaluation of present market offerings and selected Novi Labs as our a partner because they provide a single platform to facilitate our workflows while also being strongly aligned with our vision for creating value.”

Will Todd

Will Todd

CEO @ Bedrock Energy
Ian Yingling

“We have utilized the Novi technology over the past few years to rapidly analyze acquisition opportunities and optimize our drilling program,”

Ian Yingling

Ian Yingling

CEO @ Black Swan Oil & Gas
Samuel Blatt

“We utilized Novi’s analytics software to help drive the sale of Primexx Operating to Callon Petroleum in late 2021. We are pleased to be among the first to leverage this integrated platform to facilitate the evaluation and optimization of oil & gas assets from potential to production.”

Samuel Blatt

Samuel Blatt

CEO @ Blue Ox Resources
 Eric Erickson

“Simple to use and full of great analytics, the Insight Engine (Previously ShaleProfile) dashboards have become my go to source for easy access shale E&P information.”

 Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson

Director of Planning @ Endeavor Energy Resources

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