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Market-leading data analytics platform built for E&P operators

Make the right development and investment decisions on future planning & drilling strategies without worrying about licensing the data or building an in-house predictive analytics tool.

  • Access the most up-to-date, accurate and complete upstream data
  • Evaluate oil and gas assets with unprecedented speed & accuracy
  • A fully automated & configurable oil & gas forecasting solution
Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions
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Novi helps oil & gas operators improve decision quality, efficiency and return on capital

Novi Labs = maximize yield from existing wells, uncover new drilling opportunities, and minimize the risk of unsuccessful exploration.

Without Novi Labs

Recurring production target misses, misallocated capital, high decline rates and cost escalation! It's time for E&P companies to stop wasting their time and money trying to make traditional production forecasting & type curve tools work.

With Novi Labs

Grow reserves and maximize production while minimizing operation costs by streamlining your drilling programs planning & forecasting workflows.
In simple terms: WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW TO DRILL

Our approach is radically different from other data & analytics vendors

Simplify your development optimization, A&D, and budget/planning.

Gain insights into the upstream market, effectively evaluate assets and make accurate development & investment decisions. — all in single solution set.

Upstream Oil & Gas Data

Comprehensive coverage of upstream assets continuously updated. Industry-leading datasets for production, completions, spacing, and much more..

Predictive Analytics

Accurately predict scenario-driven oil well forecasts in hours and make better reservoir decisions at lesser computational costs.

Oil & Gas Insights

Easily analyze production and completion trends with an exceptional level of detail without the need to hire an energy analyst.

Get a more accurate understanding of where to drill or how best to exploit oil and gas reserves.

E&P Data Analytics challenges

As an oil & gas operators, you’ve got +100 problems, upstream datasets quality & reliable analytics should no longer be among them.

The High Cost of Exploration and Drilling

No one wants to waste valuable resources looking in the wrong place, especially with such expensive consequences. By leveraging data science & machine learning, upstream oil and gas organizations can get a more accurate understanding of where to drill so they can proceed with confidence.

Data Visualization

Data analytics holds no meaning for you or your stakeholders until the numbers tell a story. After all, the time, money, and effort you invest in collecting and securing the data are to help you make informed decisions. So, data visualization is very critical in data analytics and challenging too.

Upstream Data Quality

Why is this so important? You’ve heard of the saying “garbage in, garbage out” — the performance of your machine learning models are limited by the quality of your data, which is why it’s so important that you have reliable data to start with. Novi has the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Should you build machine learning in-house? don't!. Maintaining machine learning models over time is challenging and expensive. Not only do you need your data to be reliable, but you need enough data to leverage the power of machine learning.

Legacy Production Forecasting Methods

Manual-type curves are the most widely used approach to forecast the production of oil and gas wells in the industry. However, The process can be extremely time-consuming when hundreds or thousands of wells have to be manually reviewed to create a field forecast, let alone the lack of internal expertise & accurate production & completion data needed to do this.

Scale Enginering and Analytics Team

Shortage of analytics and industry talent and the lack of governance framework and standards are ones of the main reasons why big E&P data and analytics projects fail. Novi Labs empowers engineers with a fully automated & configurable oil & gas forecasting solution with no coding or maintenance required.

Currently facing similar challenges?

We can walk through your requirements, challenges, answer questions, and review ways Novi Labs can help your organization.

Run your oil production forecasting & analysis on the only platform that’s actually built for it.

Analytics-Ready Data

The accuracy of predictive analytics models is limited by the completeness and accuracy of the data being used and we have solved that!

Oil & Gas Focused AI

Algorithms tuned for your business problems.

Efficiency & Automation

Teams using data-driven approaches outperform traditional methods.

The only oil & gas analytics platform E&P professionals need

How Can Novi Labs help you?

Our products are designed to answer all questions that E&P professionals might have.

Evaluate the economic performance of producing wells or new drills

Production data and forecasts are continuously updated with the latest data

Asses the decline rates

Compare annual decline rates of mainly older wells between basins or operators and how these have change over time.

Forecast PDP and PUD reserves

Not only that, the status of all wells can be found here (spud, DUC, just completed, producing, inactive or plugged).

Evaluate production allocation in a well level

Our many years of working with operators and experience with forecasting provided us the leverage to design algorithms to create accurate production profiles on well level.

Asses which operators flare the most amount of gas

Flaring is a monumental waste of a valuable natural resource. Many operators who flare gas, are making the investments necessary to reduce it.

Predict how much tigh oil and gas will be supplied

Actual production & rig data, and type curves for all counties in the US tight basins are continously updated.

Evaluate oil and gas leasing opportunities

By analyzing thousands of investor presentations and other public documents, we were able to rapidly publish acreage maps in our dataset.

Asses how WOR (water oil ratio) is changing for producing wells

Produced water continues to be a problem for operators, investors, and local stakeholders across the industry.

Predict how much oil and gas a well will produce

Immediately see the actual and forecasted production profiles, and compare them on different dimensions (e.g. time, by operator, by API, by formation)

Evaluate the gas/oil ratio (GOR) for all wells

It's important to understand GOR trends as they may impact decline curves and it changes the product mix over time.

Asses the total production of ares you are interested in

You can find the total amount of oil or gas produced by any set of selected wells.

Compare how different basins/operators/formations have produced

Insight Engine dashboard shows you production data by different dimensions.

Interpretate subsurface data

Applying machine learning for subsurface data interpretation helps improve production and recovery rates. Determine if an unconventional play is worth the time and effort.

Spot trends in horizontal drilling

Spot what the trends are and how activity is shifting between counties/basins.

Rank operators by the number of approved permits

Get insights on which operators are most likely acquiring new permits and where are these permitted locations.

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