Oil & Gas Glossary

Confused by multitude of oil & gas data and analytics terms? Get easy-to-understand definitions in our glossary.

Reservoir Engineering

API Gravity
Capillary Pressure
Darcy's Law
Field Development Plan
Formation Pressure
Gas Formation Volume Factor
Gas Solubility
Gas Specific Gravity
Oil Formation Volume Factor
Oil Reservoirs
Relative Permeability
Reserves Estimation
Reservoir Flow Regimes
Surface Tension
Oil reserves
BHCT (Bottomhole Circulating Temperature)
BHST (Bottomhole Static Temperature)
Big Data in Reservoir Engineering
Borehole Pressure
Data Analytics in Reservoir Management
Data-Driven Reservoir Characterization
Depositional system
Dynamic Reservoir Modeling
Economic Limit
Facies modeling
Formation evaluation
Frac tree
Gas in solution
Gas-oil contact
Geological Modeling
Gas-water contact
GIIP (Gas Initially In Place)
HBP (Held by Production)
Hydrostatic pressure
Integrated Reservoir Modeling
Material Balance Equation
Monte Carlo Simulation
Oil-Water Contact (OWC)
P10, P50, P90 Reserves
Pore Volume
Probabilistic Reserves
Production Forecasting
Production Optimization
Rate-Transient Analysis
Recovery Factor
Reserves Replacement Ratio (RRR)
Reservoir Appraisal
Reservoir Characterization Analytics
Reservoir Data Integration
Reservoir Engineering Economics
Reservoir Monitoring
Reservoir Optimization
Reservoir Parameter Estimation
Reservoir Performance Analysis
Reservoir Performance Prediction
Reservoir Production Forecast
Reservoir Rate Forecasting
Reservoir Simulation History Matching
Reservoir Simulation Modeling
Reservoir Simulation Uncertainty
Reservoir Surveillance
Shut-In Pressure
Statistical Reservoir Modeling
Sweet spot
Tight Oil
Topographic Map
Uncertainty Quantification
Artificial Lift Techniques
Reservoir Connectivity & Flow Assurance
Reservoir Fluid Properties (PVT Analysis)
Reservoir Infill Drilling
Reservoir Heterogeneity & Anisotropy
Reservoir Volumetrics
Wellbore Productivity Optimization
Well Testing & Interpretation
Well Placement

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