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Haynesville Basin Data, History & Stats

This guide provides information about the Haynesville Basin, oil and gas data, history, top operators and other facts.

Haynesville Counties


Haynesville Basin Oil and Gas

The Haynesville is a Jurassic Period rock formation that underlies southwestern Arkansas, northwest Louisiana, and East Texas. It is located 10,500 to 13,000 feet beneath the surface of the earth.

Drilling and finishing a conventional horizontal Haynesville well typically costs between US$7 million and $8 million, largely depending on lateral length, drilling costs, and pressure pumping services. The Haynesville Shale's overpressurization is one of its key properties, which has helped to produce some extremely high initial production rates.

What is the Haynesville Basin?

On the border of Texas and Louisiana, The Haynesville Basin covers 23 counties. It averages 200 to 300 feet thick and covers an area of around 9,000 square miles. The Cotton Valley Group sandstone lies on top of the Haynesville Shale, which is buried beneath the Smackover Formation limestone. The Haynesville was deposited in a subbasin of the broader Gulf Coast Basin, which formed as a result of the breakup of Pangea and rifting of the Yucatan away from the US.

Through conventional wells, the region has produced natural gas and oil for many years. From a portion of the Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi Salt Basin, these wells extract gas and oil. Drilling has concentrated on the salt basin and the unconventional resources of the Haynesville Shale over the past ten years.

Haynesville Basin Location

The Haynesville Basin: History, Data and Facts

Chesapeake Energy discovered the play at the beginning of 2008, which resulted in a significant uptick in local leasing activity. Another gas formation just above the Haynesville, the Bossier Shale, has also been successfully developed by operators. Many refer to the play as the Haynesville/Bossier Shale, despite the fact that they are two distinct producing formations.

With an estimated 250 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas, the Haynesville Shale was considered to be the largest natural gas field in the 48 contiguous states in 2008. Although now the Appalachian Basin and Marcellus Formation are seen as having greater gas resources. Recoverable reserves in the Haynesville were estimated by some experts to be 6.5 billion cubic feet on average per well. According to a prediction by the US Energy Information Administration, the typical well would yield 2.67 billion cubic feet of gas.

Since 2008, production has increased dramatically, minting several new millionaires in the Shreveport, Louisiana, area. In November 2011, the amount of gas produced in the Haynesville peaked at 7.2 billion cubic feet per day. 9.3% of the US’s total gas production, or 6.2 billion cubic feet per day, was produced in January 2013 from this formation.

Production in the Haynesville has gone through two distinct phases, with an early peak in 2011 and huge production growth from 2017 through today bringing total production up to 12 bcf/d. The second phase has been driven by both well productivity improvements and developments at the surface.

Longer laterals and VERY intense completions have resulted in large production improvements. The Haynesville stands alone with many wells completed with over 3,500 lbs/ft of proppant. This type of completing results in the Haynesville wells having production in the ballpark of the Marcellus – a huge accomplishment.

At the same time, the Haynesville has benefited from better price differentials and offtake capacity. The Haynesville is situated adjacent to the Gulf Coast market, and producers realize pricing very close to Henry Hub. Additionally, LNG export terminals have been built and more are under construction in the area, providing another offtake option and improving local prices. 

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Gas production over the last 10 years

Horizontal Well Daily Gas Production [Mcf/d]

Top 16 counties [April 2012 - April 2022]

Daily gas production of the top 16 counties in the Haynesville Basin
Daily gas production [Mcf/d] of the top 16 counties
Ranking County State Horizontal Well Count April 2022 - Daily Production (Mcf/d)
1 De Soto Louisiana 2.072 3,104,444
2 Panola (TX) Texas 773 2,019,213
3 Caddo (LA) Louisiana 689 1,645,035
4 Red River (LA) Louisiana 663 1,152,599
5 Harrison (TX) Texas 404 823.543
6 San Augustine Texas 329 632.681
7 Sabine (LA) Louisiana 320 547.243
8 Bossier Louisiana 284 679.122
9 Bienville Louisiana 218 376.541
10 Natchitoches Louisiana 48 474.181
11 Nacogdoches Texas 173 256.121
12 Shelby (TX) Texas 188 206.677
13 Rusk (TX) Texas 222 149.976
14 Angelina Texas 35 111.548
15 Webster (LA) Louisiana 14 41.698
16 Sabine (TX) Texas 15 1.272

Top 50 gas operators [April 2012 - April 2022]

Daily gas production of the top 50 operators in the Haynesville Basin
Horizontal Well Daily Gas Production [Mcf/d] of the Top 50 Operators
Ranking Operator State Horizontal Well Count April 2022 - Daily Production (Mcf/d)
1 Southwestern Energy Louisiana 802 1,860,695
2 Chesapeake Louisiana 1.081 2,049,713
3 Comstock Texas & Louisiana 807 1,846,478
4 Aethon Energy Texas & Louisiana 590 1,649,477
5 Rockcliff Energy Texas 256 1,197,615
6 BP Texas & Louisiana 498 492.546
7 Exxon Mobil Texas & Louisiana 300 372.982
8 Sabine Texas 219 573.063
9 Trinity Operating Texas & Louisiana 42 418.414
10 EXCO Resources Texas & Louisiana 519 291.844
11 Paloma Natural Gas Louisiana 53 175.736
12 Blue Dome Texas & Louisiana 23 194.219
13 Diversified Energy Texas & Louisiana 168 110.93
14 R. Lacy Services Texas 22 195.023
15 TG Natural Resources Texas 258 89.555
16 Ensight IV Louisiana 20 77.978
17 Tanos Exploration II Texas 36 65.541
18 Tellurian Louisiana 24 0
19 Silver Hill Texas 10 130.493
20 Legacy Reserves Texas 11 66.059
21 KJ Energy Texas 48 45.158
22 Amplify Energy Texas & Louisiana 96 35.102
23 Sponte Operating, Inc. Texas 6 55.093
24 PetroQuest Energy Texas 29 35.07
25 Chevron Louisiana 46 25.58
26 Silver Hill Energy Operating, LLC Louisiana 6 19.744
27 Merit Energy Texas 67 16.947
28 GEP Haynesville II Louisiana 100 14.273
29 Valence Operating Company Texas 24 16.246
30 Sheridan Production III Texas 72 12.56
31 C6 Operating, L.l.c. Texas 3 31.858
32 Empresa Operating, LLC Louisiana 10 16.658
33 Slant Operating Texas 14 17.036
34 Shelby Boswell Texas 34 3.538
35 Eagle Valley Development LLC Texas 1 743
36 Crescent Pass Energy Texas & Louisiana 7 1.704
37 Craton Operating LLC Texas 8 1.918
38 Verado Energy Texas 2 1.711
39 Rfe Operating, LLC Texas 5 5.176
40 New Century Texas & Louisiana 5 1.197
41 Eagle Texas 1 857
42 Tdx Energy, LLC Louisiana 1 626
43 Egh Operating, LLC Louisiana 4 1.112
44 Enpower Resources Inc. Texas & Louisiana 8 707
45 Pine Wave Texas 5 373
46 Buffco Production Louisiana 1 243
47 Matador Louisiana 4 523
48 Ark-la-tex Energy Louisiana 3 197
49 Arapahoe Spv LLC Louisiana 2 180
50 Titan Rock E&p, LLC Texas 2 194

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