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Maximize the return on your energy investment.

Novi enables investors, advisors and traders to improve investment decisions, spot trends, and outperform competitors with the most advanced data analytics in the industry. 

  • Leverage proprietary datasets with the most accurate and up-to-date production data on the market.
  • Proactively identify investment opportunities across the upstream value chain.
  • Analyze development and production trends to maintain your edge.
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Powerful data and analysis on O&G supply, demand, investment opportunities, portfolio valuation, benchmarking...

Novi Labs = Accurate asset valuations, data-driven investing and risk analysis.

Without Novi Labs

Missing investment opportunities or developing faulty strategies based on erroneous data or flawed asset evaluation & forecast techniques.

With Novi Labs

Spot strategic opportunities before your peers, proactively evaluate acreage and make compelling cases for acquisitions or divestitures.

Valuation and risk analysis of oil and gas assets

Takes the guesswork out of your energy investment evaluations

Effectively evaluate assets and make accurate development & investment decisions — all in single solution set.

Historical oil & gas data

Comprehensive coverage of upstream assets continuously updated. Industry-leading datasets for production, completion, historical and current market trends, acreage quality and more...

Asset valuation

Accurately predict production across a range of scenarios in an afternoon, not weeks. Forecast PDPs and PUDs, using Novi's advanced analytics platform.

Understand market trends

We brought together disparate oil & gas datasets to generate unique and differentiated production & completion insights accessible through our easy-to-use dashboards.

Enhancing Analytics and Accuracy with Novi Data Process

Why is our data so accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date?

In order to make smart investment decisions and decrease risk, analysts must have access to the most up-to-date data.

Get a more accurate understanding of where to invest or where to spot opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Energy Investors challenges

As an oil & gas investor or financial institution, you’ve got hundreds of problems. Access to reliable analytics should no t be one of them.

Economic viability of an operator's assets.

Trying to find assets with a high remaining NPV? To achieve this, you need lots of reliable data from a variety of sources and then translate these into the metrics that you care about, like NPV.

Benchmark operators

Comparing a company to its peers is one way to determine if it is a good investment. But running unbiased comparable company analysis isn't possible with low quality data.

Validate Future Revenue Claims

Current tools and analytics are cumbersome, expensive, and require skills that are challenging. Novi helps with analysing revenue potential for new opportunities and expansion

Forecast Asset Production Potential

The most expensive problems investors face are due to poor production forecasting. Spreadsheets, gut instinct or outdated forecasting methods can’t handle the sheer scale of the task. That is why leading retailers use machine learning models to get consistently more accurate results.

Asset Valuations & Risk Analytics

Asset valuation requires profound industry knowledge, as well as experience, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Proactively Target Assets

Identify companies that are performing well and are likely to continue growing, or spot trends that could indicate future market movements.

Want to determine if a certain oil and gas operator is a good investment candidate with a high ROI or not?

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The only oil & gas analytics platform investors need

How can Novi Labs help you?

Our products are designed to answer all questions that Investors or financial institutions might have.

Evaluate the economic performance of producing wells

Simply state your economics assumptions, and using our forecasts and pricing data from the CME, you can immediately see financial metrics like (remaining) NPV, ROI etc.

Compare which wells have a high remaining NPV

How many wells have reached the end of their economic live? What is the break-even price of certain wells? Here you will find the answer to these and related questions.

Forecast how much tight oil & gas will be supplied

Actual production & rig data is continuously updated for all counties in the US tight basins for the coming months and years.

Evaluate who are the top-10 largest oil and gas operators

Select whether you want to see the top 5 or top 100 and the dashboard immediately reveals the ranking. You can see their production history, and also where the wells are located.

Compare well performance between operators

Has well productivity of the operator that you are interested in changed over time?

Asses which operators have the most DUCs

The status of all wells can be found here (spud, DUC, just completed, producing, inactive or plugged). You can also select a status and display the results by another dimension

Evaluate Oil and Gas Land Leasing Opportunities

This is crucial data to understand how much development potential existing operators still have in their acreage.

Compare which operators have the best performing wells

If you want to know where the best or worst performing wells are, and who operates them, we have the answers. You can choose your productivity metric and whether you want to compare operators, counties, or even individual wells.

Predict how much oil and gas a well will produce

Immediately see the actual and forecasted production profiles, and compare them on different dimensions (e.g. time, by operator, by API, by formation)

Well Economics Dashboard

Insight Engine Product video

Question: What is the remaining NPV of a set of wells?

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