Oil and Gas Analytics for Mineral & Royalty Owners

Maximize the potential of your oil and gas investments

With Novi Labs, mineral owners and non-operating investors have access to the highest-quality data for underwriting, monitoring their assets, and staying on top of industry trends.

  • Quickly & accurately value interest with Novi's proprietary production data, best-in-class lease allocation, permits, geology, and more.
  • Gain insights into industry trends, like activity hot spots, well performance improvements, and current spacing developments.
  • Work with Novi's easy-to-use interface, or download the data directly into your systems.
Trusted by some of the industry's top royalty companies and E&Ps.
  • Hite Hedge
  • Shell
  • Goehring Rozencwajg
  • Raisa

Accurately value your investments and stay on top of industry trends.

Novi Labs = highest quality data at a great price

Without Novi Labs

Working with noisy production data and constant restatements. Dealing with painful providers who don't listen and force you to buy things you don't use.

With Novi Labs

Be confident in your asset valuations, and minimize the headache of noisy, inaccurate production data. Work with a friendly vendor with great commercial terms.

An analytics solution to bring peace of mind to mineral and royalty owners.

Assess market trends. Buy and sell with certainty

Understand the value of your mineral rights and look for new opportunities.

Best-in-class production data

With Novi's proprietary well-level production dataset and industry-leading allocation algorithm, you can be confident in your valuations.

Get the most out of your own data

Novi can work with you to turn your production data into a valuable dataset. Minimize your time spent reforecasting your own wells thanks to restatements from your data vendors.

Understand market trends

We brought together disparate oil & gas datasets to generate unique and differentiated production & completion insights accessible through our interactive, pre-built dashboards.

Want to determine if a certain asset is a good investment with a high ROI or not?

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The only analytics platform mineral & royalty owners need

How Can Novi Labs help you?

Below a small sample of how our services are being used by top mineral owners.

  • How much is each well producing on my minerals?
  • Can I underwrite this deal?
  • Are my operating partners using the best completion techniques?
  • How can I compare the well performance of different operators?
  • How can I learn about permit activity?
  • How much tight oil & gas will be produced in the future?

Common use cases

Our products are designed to answer questions that mineral owners or working interest investors commonly have.

Evaluate the economic performance of producing wells

Production data and forecasts are continuously updated with the latest data

Compare well performance between different operators

Evaluate how these have change over time and who is more productive.

Evaluate how many permits have been approved

How many permits were approved over time, where they are located and individual details. You can also rank operators by the number of approved permits in any time period.

Forecast PDP and PUD reserves

Not only that, the status of all wells can be found here (spud, DUC, just completed, producing, inactive or plugged).

Asses much oil & gas was produced by operator

You can find the total amount of oil or gas produced by any set of selected wells.

Evaluate who are the top operators in your area

Select whether you want to see the top 5 or top 100 and the dashboard immediately reveals the ranking.

Evaluate which operators have the best wells

You can see their production history, and also where the wells are located.

Asses how gas/oil ratios are changing over time

Many customers find it important to understand GOR trends as they may impact decline curves and it changes the product mix over time.

Predict how much oil and gas a well will produce

Immediately see the actual and forecasted production profiles, and compare them on different dimensions (e.g. time, by operator, by API, by formation)

Interpret subsurface data

Applying machine learning for subsurface data interpretation helps improve production and recovery rates. Determine if an unconventional play is worth the time and effort.

Spot trends in horizontal drilling

Spot what the trends are and how activity is shifting between counties/basins.

Rank operators by the number of approved permits

Get insights on which operators are most likely acquiring new permits and where are these permitted locations.

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