Oil and Gas Data & Analytics for Oilfield Services Companies

Capture new business development opportunities

Grow your business by keeping track of production trends, D&C activity, and well performance of unconventional basins. Identify investment opportunities and make cost-effective decisions.

  • Scout operators and monitor competitors with Novi's easy-to-use platform.
  • Improve your analysis of production and completions trends.
  • Save your company time and money with friendly commercial terms.
Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions
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Understand the factors driving well performance and identify business opportunities

Novi Labs = high quality data for a reasonable price

Without Novi Labs

Do you want to keep dealing with price increases, aggressive sales reps, and a data provider who doesn't listen to you?

With Novi Labs

High-quality data in an easy-to-use interface. Work with the friendly upstart!

An analytics solution that will help you gain more customers and grow revenue.

Visualize current market trends and Monitor Opportunities

Understand the areas you are interested in and take advantage of our analytics to increase your revenue

Oil and gas datasets

Thorough coverage of L48 assets continuously updated. Industry-leading datasets for production, completion, historical and current market trends, acreage quality and more...

Identify revenue opportunities

Which operators are active in an area? Which wells produce the most? Which basins are on the upswing, and which are falling behind?

Understand market trends

We've brought together disparate oil & gas datasets to generate unique and differentiated production & completion insights--all accessible through our easy-to-use, pre-built dashboards

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The only oil & gas analytics platform oilfield services companies need

How Can Novi Labs help you?

Below a small sample of how our services are being used by top OFS companies.

Compare well performance between different operators

Evaluate how these have change over time and who is more productive. Make sure you have the context you need to win the contract.

Evaluate the economic performance of producing wells

Who's making money, and who is losing it? Quickly screen value at a range of prices.

Scout permit activity

How many permits have been approved, and where are they? You can also rank operators by the number of approved permits in any time period.

Asses how gas/oil ratios are changing over time

Is an operating having trouble with wells going gassy? Quickly answer that question with Novi.

Spot trends in horizontal drilling

Spot what the trends are and how activity is shifting between counties/basins.

Rank operator performance

Learn from the leading operators, and use that to refine your pitch to the rest.

Save money on your data subscription

Novi won't force you to buy every fancy dataset and functionality under the sun. We offer competitive pricing -- we aren't a monolithic corporation trying to squeeze you!

Integrate data into your own systems

Do you have internal databases and dashboards? Novi offers standard API access for full internal integration.

Work with someone who listens

Novi is nimble and customer-centric. If you spot issues or have suggestions, we will listen!

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