THREE Novi papers recognized as Best of URTeC 2020!

We are excited to announce that three of our papers have been recognized as Best of URTeC 2020! At Novi, our team pushes the industry forward every day with advances in machine learning for oil and gas developments, and we are thrilled to see the hard work of the team recognized. Click through for the abstracts below!

geoshap: a novel method of deriving rock quality index from machine learning models and principal components analysis (id 2743)

In this paper, we outline a novel workflow to map rock quality index using machine learning.

benchmarking operator performance in the williston basin using a predictive machine learning model (id 2750)

How can you properly benchmark operators β€” to identify overperformers to learn from, or underperformers to acquire? Machine learning can help.

Machine learning model for forecasting oil well water analysis

predicting water production in the williston basin using a machine learning model (id 2756)

In this paper, we use the power of machine learning to better forecast & understand water production.

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Novi Attends URTeC 2024!

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Automated PDP Forecast Data: Transforming Forecasting for Producing Wells in Oil & Gas

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Novi Attends NAPE 2024!

We’re thrilled to be part of this year’s NAPE event, and it’s particularly special as we unveil innovative analytics solutions using our proprietary production data. ...
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