Empowering Oil & Gas Analytics with Proprietary Data

Novi Data Network

Public well data is unquestionably valuable, yet it faces accuracy and availability challenges. Novi addresses this challenge through the “Novi Data Network.” NDN allows members to leverage proprietary production & completion data to bridge the gap in data quality for development planning, acquisitions, and divestitures.

  • Critial, non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations
  • NDN enables accurate pre-drill forecasts, acreage valuation and development optimization
  • Fully integrated into Novi's platform
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Leverage the Power of Proprietary Oil & Gas Data

Novi Data Network Licenses

With NDN's exceptional dataset, customers can build accurate forecasts and make better investment decisions. The NDN offering is structured around two distinct licensing programs.

Data Sharing

Designed for easy sharing of well data including production data, well header data, and well completions data, visible to all Novi subscribers through Insight Engine.

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Novi Data & Analytics

Analytics Data

Designed to enhance the accuracy of analytics models without revealing the underlying data.

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Novi Analytics Only

How Licensed data is used in Novi's products?

Making sound investment and development decisions depends on having accurate insights. NDN tackles public data issues by gathering propriatry well data from customers, simplifying data sharing and enhancing reliability. This initiative creates value for members by allowing them to leverage daily production data, high-resolution completions data, and more.

NDN offers two types of data offerings: the “Data Sharing” and the “Analytics Data”

  • The “Data Sharing” is designed for Novi Data subscribers aiming to share valuable and up-to-date information, including well production and related data. This shared information is accessible to other users through Novi Data and Novi Analytics. 
  • On the other hand, the “Analytics Data” is more selective. It’s meant for operators or investors who have data to contribute. This offering gives more data, including well details, drilling/completions, and daily production. The data is kept private from other users but provided to the models so they can learn from the best possible dataset. 

Leveraging proprietary data

How does the Novi Data Network add value?

Enhanced development optimization, improved acquisitions & divestiture valuations, and streamlined planning and budgeting

Accurate Production Data from Proprietary Sources

Access the most accurate production data possible, using proprietary sources that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Accurately analyze well performance, improve investment decisions, and minimize work forecasting around noisy allocated data.

Novi's proprietary daily well data accounts for over 30% of Midland Basin production.

Completions Optimization

In critical states like Texas, usually only proppant and fluid volumes are available publicly.

NDN gives the ability to learn from dozens of operators' stage and clusters design, so you can identify opportunities to improve production, decrease costs, or both

Improved Production Forecasts and Decreased Planning Risk

Accurately forecasting development designs and upcoming wells depends upon accurate well-level data. Issues like lease-to-well allocation can decrease your forecast accuracy. NDN provides well-level data.

Unknown downtime can also decrease forecast accuracy, especially in early time. NDN data includes daily data, so you can accurately remove downtime from your training data.

In some jurisdictions like Alberta, the liquids content of production is often not available publicly. With NDN, you can train a model that has access to proprietary liquids production data.

NDN: Unique Source of cluster and stage spacing data
Novi's investment in allocation algorithms reduced errors by 50%, making us the best in TX allocation accuracy.

Improved Lease Allocation Production Data

Combining our data science expertise with the NDN database, Novi offers the market's most accurate lease-to-well allocation algorithm. This is essential for maintaining precise production data at the well level.

Gain an Edge in A&D Evaluations

BD teams are often at a disadvantage the moment they step away from their core areas because they lack proprietary datasets.

NDN gives BD teams a proprietary dataset to use in A&D valuations. Generate highly accurate forecasts and look for optimization opportunities, even in basins you haven't worked before.

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