Elevating Oil & Gas Investments through Proprietary Data Access

Novi's Data Sharing

The reliability of public well data has long worried operators and investors, with accuracy posing a challenge in states like Texas and Louisiana where well-level production data isn’t reported. For that, Novi Labs has developed a solution by licensing data from operators and releasing it monthly, with the aim of enhancing data accuracy.

  • Monthly well-level production data and other well data types
  • >1 MM barrels of oil per day in Texas
  • Data is published in Insight Engine data products
Join the ranks of industry leaders that have overcome bad analytics data problems by using Novi Labs
  • Shell
  • Blue OX Resources
  • Bedrock Energy Partner
  • Endeavor Energy Resources

Leverage the power of proprietary data

Industry-Leading Data Accuracy

With Novi's Data Sharing, customers can use highly accurate production data from exclusive sources not available anywhere else.


Operator-provided data

Unique dataset with exclusive well-level production data.

Fully Integrated Into the Novi Platform

All data has been merged, cleaned, and vetted by Novi reservoir engineers, and is now ready for use with just a single click.

Analytics & Data

Novi's Data Sharing: Solving What Problem?

Dealing with inaccurate well data poses a significant challenge when trying to assess individual well performance or conduct detailed economic analyses. To address this issue, Novi Labs has acquired licenses for production data and other data types from both operators and royalty companies. This license allows Novi to release highly accurate monthly data provided directly by these companies. This, in turn, empowers customers to precisely analyze well performance, enhance investment decision-making, and minimize the uncertainties associated with noisy allocated data.

Leveraging Oil & Gas Proprietary Data

How does Novi's data sharing add value?

Enhanced development optimization, improved acquisitions & divestiture valuations, and streamlined planning and budgeting

Accurate Production Data from Proprietary Sources

Access the most accurate well data possible, using proprietary sources that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Accurately analyze well performance, improve investment decisions, and minimize work forecasting around noisy allocated data.

Novi's proprietary well data accounts for over 30% of Midland Basin production.
Novi's investment in allocation algorithms reduced errors by 50%, making us the best in TX allocation accuracy.

Improved Lease Allocation Production Data

Even where we don't have proprietary data, Novi offers the market's most accurate lease-to-well allocated production data, thanks to the powerful combination of our data science expertise with the NDN database provides. This is essential for maintaining precise production data at the well level.

Gain an edge in A&D evaluations

BD teams are often at a disadvantage the moment they step away from their core areas because they lack proprietary datasets.

Novi Labs gives BD teams a proprietary dataset to use in A&D valuations. Generate highly accurate forecasts and look for optimization opportunities, even in basins you haven't worked before.

Get an edge in A&D evaluation with access to historical and current oil and gas trends through our interactive dashboards or API integration.

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