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Novi Midland Connect

We are excited to invite you to Novi Midland Connect 2024, our annual meetup and happy hour event, taking place on June 6th at the Midland Bush Convention Center. This is a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and network with peers.


A representative from Novi Labs will kick off the event with opening remarks and a warm welcome. Will will provide an overview of the event’s schedule and objectives, followed by a brief introduction to Novi Labs.

Brandon Myers, Head of Research at Novi, will walk us through the advantages of using machine learning methods to estimate remaining inventory quality and quantity in the Permian Basin. Key topics include remaining inventory life estimation, operator benchmarking, and forecasting the strength of Permian oil supply over time while accounting for rock quality decay.

Matt Maguire, Senior Reservoir Advisor of Diamondback will conduct a detailed comparison between Novi Predictions and AFE estimates, while assessing well performance of a group wells in the Midland Basin. To top it off, Ted Cross, VP of Product at Novi, will provide updates on our product roadmap and give an exclusive preview of our revamped Insight Engine Interface.

A sneak peek at upcoming features and improvements in Novi Labs’ products will be provided. Following that, there will be a live demo showcasing the new Insight Engine interface. Attendees will then engage in an interactive feedback session to share their thoughts and questions,

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers, industry experts, and Novi Labs representatives. Light refreshments and beverages will be provided

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