Oil and Gas Producers at the Forefront of Permian Basin's Oil Production

Leading E&P Operators in the Permian Basin:

Pioneer Natural Resources, ConocoPhillips, EOG, Devon Energy, Exxon Mobil...

Permian Basin Oil Production

Top U.S Oil Producers in the Permian

Operator Location Founded (year) Founders Revenue
Pioneer Natural Resources Irving, Texas 1997 Scott Sheffield <$20B
ConocoPhillips Houston, Texas 2002 L.E. Phillips & Isaac E. Blake <$14B
EOG Houston, Texas 1999 Mark G. Papa <$6B
Devon Energy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1971 John Nichols & J. Larry Nichols <$15B
Exxon Mobil Houston, Texas 1999 John D. Rockefeller <$89B
Diamondback Midland, Texas 2007 Travis Stice <$6B
Occidental Houston, Texas 1920 Armand Hammer <$29B
Chevron San Ramon, California 1906 Abraham Seigel & Israel Cohen <$51B
Endeavor Energy Midland, Texas 1979 Autry C. Stephens <$710M
Mewbourne Oil Tyler, Texas 1965 Curtis Mewbourne <$500M
Coterra Energy Houston, Texas 1989 Godfrey Lowell Cabot <$1B
SM Energy Denver, Colorado 1908 Chester Adgate Congdon <$2B
Ovintiv Denver, Colorado 2020 Gwyn Morgan <$2B
Crownquest Midland, Texas 1996 Timothy Dunn <$1B
Callon Houston, Texas 1950 John S. Callon <$619M
Apache Houston, Texas 1999 Raymond Plank, Charles Arnao & Truman Anderson <$8B
Laredo Petroleum (now Vital Energy) Tulsa, Oklahoma 2006 Randy A. Foutch <$435M
Tap Rock Operating Golden, Colorado 2016 Ryan London <$5M
Birch Resources Houston, Texas 2010 Sally Allen <$17M
Centennial - - - -
Surge Energy Houston, Texas 2015 - <$118M
Continental Resources Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1967 Harold Hamm <$9.5B
BTA Midland, Texas 1945 - <$17M
Matador Dallas, Texas 2003 Joseph Wm. Foran & Scott E. King <$316M
BP Houston, Texas 1969 William Knox D'Arcy <$241B
Colgate Midland, Texas 2015 James Walter & Will Hickey <$11M
Earthstone Energy The Woodlands, Texas 1969 Frank Lodzinski <$1.7B
Kaiser Francis Tulsa, Oklahoma 1940 Herman George Kaiser <$561M
Titus Oil & Gas Production Forth Worth, Texas 2017 Marshall Hickey <$5M
Summit Petroleum Twinsburg, Ohio 1984 Dennis Johnson & Matt Johnson <$18M
PRI Operating Midland, Texas 2017 - -
Advance Energy Partners Houston, Texas 2014 - <$1.8B
Henry Resources Midland, Texas 1969 Paula and Jim Henry <$11.8M
Vencer Energy Houston, Texas 2020 Don Dotson <$2.5B
Lario Wichita, Kansas 1917 I.A. O'Shaughnessy <$13M
PDC Denver, Colorado 1969 David Aron <$3.8B
Steward Energy II Frisco, Texas 2012 Lance Taylor <$19.6M
SEM Operating Houston, Texas - - -
Highpeak Energy Forth Worth, Texas 2020 Jack Hightower <$345M
Hibernia Resources III Houston, Texas 2007 P. Embry Canterbury <$5M
Marathon Houston, Texas 1887 John D. Rockefeller <$6.4B
Halcón Resources Tulsa, Oklahoma 2004 Floyd Wilson <$54M
Percussion Petroleum II Houston, Texas 2020 John Campbell III & Brian Zwart <$6.1M
Fasken Oil Midland, Texas 1913 David Milne Fasken <$31M
Franklin Mountain Energy LLC Denver, Colorado 2018 Audrey Robertson <$5M
Lime Rock Houston, Texas 2005 Eric Mullins <$40.5M
Ring Energy The Woodlands, Texas - - -
Riley Exploration Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1994 Core Riley <$99M
Discovery Natural Resources Denver, Colorado 2003 - <$38M
Discovery Operating Midland, Texas 1973 Don Sparks <$11.8B

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