Novi Data Engine

Build analytics-ready datasets in record time. Data Engine takes care of the messy data cleaning, blending, and joining--meaning your team gets to better answers, faster.

Novi Labs Data Engine

Data Engine makes building analytics-ready datasets easy. Unlike other third-party tools, it is built for oil and gas data from the ground up.

Clean Data is Key

Normalizing units, cleaning up formations, and properly joining data sources is critical for analytics.

Blend Public & Proprietary

Connect Data Engine into Novi's industry-leading database, load in your own data, or both.

Dynamic Spacing

We give you the tools to calculate spacing accurately for your area of interest. One size doesn't fit all.

Not sure how Data Engine best fits your needs?

Novi’s AI-driven well planning software is the only product of its kind that revolutionizes the way oil & gas investments are made.

Novi Data Engine

Manual methods mean operators and investors struggle with managing and blending all their different data sources.

Build datasets, fast.

Building the dataset can consume as much as 80% of the time and effort in an analytics project. Data Engine makes it fast, easy, and reliable to build datasets.

Manual methods

Slow, error prone, difficult to update.

Oilfield data software

Pre-configured processing, cleaning, blending, and transformations.

Data Blending

Data Engine easily blends different data sources -- so you can consolidate all your data into a single, analytics-ready table.

Messy Joins

Normalizing field names, converting units, and blending data based is complex and difficult manually.

Simple, Powerful Interface

Easily blend data and configure joins.

Oil and Gas Data Engineering

Oil and gas wells require domain-specific calculations for analytics, such as joining subsurface data to well locations and calculating spacing.

Writing your own calculations

Painful, complex, and difficult to maintain.

Using Novi's algorithms

Data Engine takes care of all the custom calculations for you.

Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions

  • Shell
  • BlackSwan
  • BlueOx
  • Endeavor
  • Bedrock

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