Novi Forecast Engine

Forecast Engine generates unbiased, accurate forecasts using Novi's machine learning models. Engineers and executives use Forecast Engine to improve their most critical decisions and workflows.

Novi Labs Forecast Engine

Novi Forecast Engine improves decision quality, efficiency and return on capital for oil & gas operators and investors.

Improve accuracy

Forecast Engine leverages Novi's proprietary machine learning models to help you make accurate forecasts for critical assets, acquisitions, or development studies.

Scenario-driven Analysis

Don't let staffing levels limit the level of analysis your team produces. Forecast Engine generates scalable, scenario-driven analysis.

Forecast with Confidence

What is the risk associated with my forecast? Novi's predictive analytics quantifies the uncertainty with each and every forecast.

Not sure how Forecast Engine best fits your needs?

Novi’s AI-driven well planning software is the only product of its kind that revolutionizes the way oil & gas investments are made.

Novi Forecast Engine

Type curve methods are slow and biased.

Improved forecast accuracy

How much will my wells produce? What about my competitors? What if I change the spacing? Forecast accuracy sits at the core of reservoir engineering.

Biased type curves

Legacy forecasting methods are biased, inaccurate, and tough to scale.

Per-well forecasts

Data-driven models generate accurate production forecasts for individual wells under a range of scenarios.

High-Quality Asset Valuations

The most important decision your business will ever make is what to buy and how much to pay for it.

Slow, simple evaluations

Overworked technical teams are forced to make oversimplified evaluations due to time constraints.

Proactively target assets

Force multiplier for your analytical team -- quickly and thoroughly screen assets, proactively evaluate acreage, and make compelling cases for acquisitions or divestitures.

Development Optimization

Operators have thousands of ways they could develop their acreage. Forecast Engine enables sophisticated scenario analysis to identify the optimal development plan.

Slow, manual

Traditional approaches struggle with all the data and all the options available to operators today.


Suboptimal development plans leave millions of dollars of value on the table. Forecast Engine can help you identify the scenario that maximizes your preferred metrics.

Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions

  • Shell
  • BlackSwan
  • BlueOx
  • Endeavor
  • Bedrock

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