Intuitive dashboards designed for E&P operators, analysts & investors.

Novi Insight Engine

Designed for fast, powerful insights of unconventional oil and gas. Access our interactive dashboards to easily spot trends, analyze competitors, and stay on top of energy markets.

Novi Insight Engine

Insight Engine leverages Novi’s powerful E&P database to deliver you insights via pre-built, easy-to-use dashboards. 


Our interactive dashboards are designed for specific questions, which keeps the UI intuitive and simple to operate.

Realtime Updates

Our data is updated on a frequent (often hourly) basis, from a large number of trusted data sources, including state agencies like the Texas RRC, and

Powerful Insights

Supply projections, activity trends, productivity analysis, and more. We provide insights into the most critical datasets in the industry.

Pre-built and Interactive Dashboards

Our ready-made dashboards allow you to spot correlations and crucial trends in the shale oil production & completion data with an exceptional level of detail.

It’s all a button click away. Just select an area, an operator or a period, and see the corresponding graphs responding immediately. Then download the result seamlessly for your meetings or presentations. We go a step further by skipping complicated filters so you can go and seek insights right away.

Continuous Updates

Our data is updated on a daily/hourly basis. We extract it from a large number of trusted data sources, including state agencies like the Texas RRC, and

Novi Data Process

Why is our data so accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date?

Step 1


Automated process continuously monitor our numerous data sources. All types of data interfaces are handled.

Step 2

Parsing and Cleaning

New data is parsed, OCR'ed, verified, and where needed corrected or completed. Data redundancy and smart rules ensures a high level of integrity.

Step 3

Allocation & Consolidation

Each data source has its issues, which is our expertise. Customized algorithms deduce the correct production volumes on well level for each month.

Step 4

Publication & Visualization

The cleansed data is published in our services immediately, visualized in our dashboards and accessible through a Rest API.

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Insight Engine Dashboards

All these beautiful and easy-to-use dashboards come with map based selections, highlighting, and filtering to get you to what you need to understand.

Lease Acreage Positions Maps

Search and Evaluate Oil and Gas Land Leasing Opportunities By analyzing thousands of investor presentations and other public documents, we were able to rapidly publish

Gas Oil Ratio Map

Here you can find the gas/oil ratio (GOR) for all wells. Many customers find it important to understand GOR trends as they may impact decline curves and it changes the product mix over time.

Flared Gas

Here you can find how much produced gas is flared at the well location. States that provide this data include Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico and Colorado.

Cumulative Production Ranking

Instead of measuring productivity at a certain age, this dashboard shows how much oil or gas basins/counties/formations or even individual wells have produced to date.

Production Profiles

Using the Production Profiles Dashboard, you can find the decline curves for all horizontal wells, based on the latest production data

Total Production

Here you find the total amount of oil or gas produced by any set of selected wells. Do you want to know how much tight oil was produced in the United States, or in the Permian or by a certain operator?

Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions

  • Shell
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