Novi Model Engine

Improve your analytical capabilities with the most sophisticated machine learning models in oil and gas -- all built with full transparency.

Novi Model Engine

Model Engine allows your engineers, analysts, and geoscientists to build powerful machine learning models customized for highly accurate oil and gas forecasting.

Unmatched Accuracy

Novi's models make highly accurate forecasts, whether you are looking at producing wells, undrilled locations, or hypothetical designs.


Model Engine makes building machine learning models easy with a simple graphical interface, cloud compute, and no coding required.

Full Transparency

Supply projections, activity trends, productivity analysis, and more. We provide insights into the most critical datasets in the industry.

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Novi’s AI-driven well planning software is the only product of its kind that revolutionizes the way oil & gas investments are made.

Novi Model Engine

In-house analytics solutions are slow to build, difficult to maintain, and limited in capabilities.

Full transparency

Using a machine learning model requires you to understand how it functions. Model Engine offers you a full white box solution into how the model was built, how all the input variables impacted the forecast, and which analog wells informed every forecast.

Black Box

Traditional machine learning models are complex and difficult to understand.

Transparency Datasets

Production drivers, analog wells, and confidence intervals show you how the model is working.

Build models easily and reliably

Machine learning models are difficult to code and even harder to maintain. Novi requires no coding expertise to build models -- everything can be done with an easy-to-use web interface, with cloud compute.

In-house solutions

Expensive, risky, and tough to maintain.

Novi software

Easy to use and no coding required.

Forecast a curve

Operator decisions may impact peak rate and EUR very differently. If you're just looking at one metric, you're missing the full picture and cannot accurately optimize developments.

Point-in-time models

Modeling EURs, peak rate, or 360-day cum misses the complex behavior of production through time.

Time series forecasting

Novi models forecast a production curve -- meaning they capture peak rates, shifts in decline, and late time production.

Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions

  • Shell
  • BlackSwan
  • BlueOx
  • Endeavor
  • Bedrock

Novi Model Engine Live Demo

In this demo, you will learn how Novi’s AI platform replaces the current outdated methods for A&D evaluation, asset optimization, and energy investment analysis.

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