Empowering Oil & Gas Forecasting with Proprietary Data

Novi Data Network

The Novi Data Network (NDN) enables oil and gas companies to pool their production and completion data for training machine learning models. NDN generates value for network members by leveraging daily production data, high-resolution completions data, and more.

  • Critial, non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations
  • Highest-quality pre-drill forecasts, acreage valuation and development optimization
  • Fully integrated into Novi's platform
Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already made the switch to Novi labs
  • Shell
  • Blue OX Resources
  • Bedrock Energy Partner
  • Endeavor Energy Resources

Leverage the power of proprietary data

One platform, limitless insight

With Novi's machine learning platform and NDN's exceptional dataset, customers can build accurate forecasting models for informed business decisions.


Operator-provided data

Unique dataset with exclusive well-level, daily production data and rarely-available completion data.

Better forecasting models

Highest-quality pre-drill forecasts, asset valuations using proprietary data, and development optimization.

Fully Integrated Into the Novi Platform

All data has been merged, cleaned, and vetted by Novi reservoir engineers, and is now ready for use with just a single click.

Why is Novi Data Network needed?

The most accurate forecasting can only be accomplished with the most accurate data. NDN effectively tackles the public-proprietary data quality gap by providing members with high-quality proprietary data for model training. In Texas, production is at the lease level. In Alberta, the liquids composition of gas wells is generally not reported. In Argentina, bottom-hole locations are not publicly disclosed. All of that data is available through NDN.

With over 20,000 wells from 50 operators, NDN sets itself apart by offering its members exclusive access to proprietary data that is not typically disclosed to regulatory agencies, including non-allocated production, completion stage and cluster counts, target formations, and more. This approach allows E&P operators to train their machine learning models using exclusive datasets. The Novi Data Network (NDN) dataset stands out with its inclusion of +20,000 wells sourced from over 50 operators. 

Leveraging Proprietary Data for Machine Learning Training

NDN: the greatest training dataset in the industry

NDN has a key difference with a standard data consortium: NDN data are not exposed or provided to anyone else. The data is used only for training models, letting the models learn from a wide range of data without actually sharing the data. In order to access NDN, you must be a member.


Leveraging proprietary data

How does the Novi Data Network add value?

Enhanced development optimization, improved acquisitions & divestiture valuations, and streamlined planning and budgeting

Improved production forecasts and decreased planning risk

Accurately forecasting development designs and upcoming wells depends upon accurate well-level data. Issues like lease-to-well allocation can decrease your forecast accuracy. NDN provides well-level data.

Unknown downtime can also decrease forecast accuracy, especially in early time. NDN data includes daily data, so you can accurately remove downtime from your training data.

In some jurisdictions like Alberta, the liquids content of production is often not available publicly. With NDN, you can train a model that has access to proprietary liquids production data.

Completions optimization

In critical states like Texas, usually only proppant and fluid volumes are available publicly.

NDN gives the ability to learn from dozens of operators' stage and clusters design, so you can identify opportunities to improve production, decrease costs, or both

Gain an edge in A&D evaluations

BD teams are often at a disadvantage the moment they step away from their core areas because they lack proprietary datasets.

NDN gives BD teams a proprietary dataset to use in A&D valuations. Generate highly accurate forecasts and look for optimization opportunities, even in basins you haven't worked before.

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