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Energy Tech Talk with Novi

Energy Tech Talk

Energy Tech Talk with Novi: Oil & Gas Proprietary Production Data

Oil & Gas production data is the foundation of any analysis or valuation. Key states like Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma only provide production data at ...
Automated Well Planning

Energy Tech Talk with Novi: Capitalizing on Data Automation

Engineers and analysts spend 80% to 90% of their time cleaning up hybrid datasets for machine learning models and analytics. Listen in as Novi Technical ...
Energy Tech Talk

Energy Tech Talk with Novi: PDP & PUD Forecast Uncertainty

Technical Advisor Ted Cross and Data Scientist Kris Darnell talk about why PDP and PUD forecast uncertainty quantification is so critical to making smart business ...

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Podcasts & Interviews

Wicked Energy: Innovation, Capital, and the Energy Industry’s Future

Join host Justin Gauthier as he sits down with the esteemed Jon Ludwig, president and founder of Novi Labs, for an insightful discussion on the ...
Podcasts & Interviews

From Geology to AI: Ted Cross’ Journey in Energy Tech

Dive deep into the transformative world of energy tech with Ted Cross, VP of Product at NoviLabs, on this exhilarating episode of Energy Bytes Podcast. ...
Podcasts & Interviews

Ted Cross | Chuck Yates – Digital Wildcatters Podcasts

Chuck Yates and Ted Cross delve into the intricacies of reservoir engineering, exploring artificial intelligence for reserve forecasting. The discussion includes insightful observations on emerging ...
Podcasts & Interviews

The Wicked Energy Podcast: The Intersection of Tech and Energy with Ted Cross

Our Director of Product Management, Ted Cross, made a guest appearance on the Wicked Energy podcast. In the episode, Ted delved into the captivating realm ...
Podcasts & Interviews

Digital innovations in Oil & Gas Podcast : Improving Capital Allocation For Shale Plays

Our Founder & President, Jon Ludwig, recently sat down with the Digital Innovations in Oil and Gas podcast to share his thoughts on entrepreneurship and ...
Podcasts & Interviews

Robots & A.I. in Service of Expanding Non-Russian Energy Supplies

Mark explores the role of robots and artificial intelligence in boosting the supply of (cheaper) oil and gas critical to economies. He is joined by ...

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