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Pricing for Novi Labs varies based on a few key factors, and we want to give you accurate pricing upfront.

“We utilized Novi’s analytics software to help drive the sale of Primexx Operating to Callon Petroleum in late 2021. We are pleased to be among the first to leverage this integrated platform to facilitate the evaluation and optimization of oil & gas assets from potential to production.”

Samuel Blatt

CEO @ Blue Ox Resources
  • Shell
  • Endeavor Energy Resources
  • Blue OX Resources
  • BlackSwan Oil & Gas
  • Bedrock Energy

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Accurate forecast on parent-child developments

In this live webinar, you will learn how Novi’s new algorithm improves model sensitivity for spacing and parent-child scenarios, providing powerful results for previously difficult-to-analyze problems.

Ted Cross, our VP of Product Management, will show you how this update improves spacing and infill scenario analysis without sacrificing model accuracy.