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[Weekly Workflow] Who’s Considering Chevron’s Non-Core East Texas Assets?

Chevron is seeking to finance part of the Hess acquisition! Who might be interested in acquiring Chevron’s non-core East Texas ...
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[Weekly Workflow] Productivity Benchmarking Across Multiple Assets

Check out this week’s video featuring high-level productivity benchmarking across multiple assets. Join Scott Iceton, Director of Solution Consulting at ...

Other Product Videos

Product Videos

[Data Engine] Merging multiple source files and building a dataset

Looking for a faster and more efficient way to build analytics-ready datasets? Join Charles Kosa, Novi’s Head of Customer Success, as he takes you on ...
Product Videos

Generating PDP Oil & Gas Forecasts with Novi Machine Learning Technology

In this video, Novi Technical Advisor Ted Cross demonstrates how to generate PDP oil and gas forecasts and the benefits of using Novi algorithms over ...
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The Power of Novi Data Engine

After six years of building machine learning models for unconventional development, we have learned a HUGE amount about what it takes to build analytics-ready datasets. ...
Product Videos

Reviewing Delaware Basin production drivers with Novi Cloud Outputs

In this video, Novi Technical Advisor Ted Cross reviews production drivers in the Delaware Basin using standard Novi Cloud outputs.
Product Videos

Contributing Wells — Using Novi Production Modeler Software to See Which Wells Contributed to the Prediction

How do tree based machine learning models come up with forecasts for oil & gas wells? In this video, we look at an example use ...
Product Videos

Using Forecast Engine to Evaluate Whiting’s Undrilled Acreage

What are the best remaining acreage blocks in Whiting’s North Dakota portfolio? With Prediction Engine, you can quickly and easily lay out well sticks and ...

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