[AAPG 2020] Prior Well Depletion or Interwell Spacing? Isolating the Causes of Spacing Degradation in the Williston Basin

Understanding the impact of interwell spacing is tough enough before introducing the impact of parent-child depletion. When you add in the fact that both have a strong correlation with geology—especially in the Bakken, where much of the early producers and early downspacing tests were in the best rock–well, then things can really get hairy.

In this talk, we investigate a variety of ways of measuring parent-child and spacing impact, including days online, number of parents within a radius, parent production, and distance to neighbors.

Talk Details::

Thursday, 10:45 AM. Theme 8: Successes and Challenges on Data Management and Data Integration II

The challenge with descriptive statistics: production (in bbl/ft, 360-day cum) is positively correlated with number of parents on production.

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Accurate forecast on parent-child developments

In this live webinar, you will learn how Novi’s new algorithm improves model sensitivity for spacing and parent-child scenarios, providing powerful results for previously difficult-to-analyze problems.

Ted Cross, our VP of Product Management, will show you how this update improves spacing and infill scenario analysis without sacrificing model accuracy.