Novi Presents :: Primexx’s Journey with Novi Webinar Replay

Unlocking Value Though Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not new to the industry, but few oil and gas players fully leverage its power in their workflows. Millions of dollars are at stake for Operators and financial service firms as they assess development and capital allocation scenarios.  Our teams of data science experts have spent over 6 years perfecting our technology built on patent-pending machine learning algorithms. Customers are enabled to increase operational efficiency and generate higher-quality forecasts in minutes. However, don’t take our word for it! In this open discussion, Michael Mast of Primexx presents a case study on his experience leveraging Novi’s Machine Learning technology to optimize development and execute strategic planning.


  • How has Primexx implemented Machine Learning to optimize development planning?
  • How can accurate forecasts make a case for acreage quality?
  • How do Machine Learning workflows stack up against traditional methods?
  • What are the most important criteria for gaining confidence in your forecasts?

Webinar Recording