Upstream Oil & Gas Data

The most accurate, timely, and complete production & completion data, driven by Novi's industry-leading data science expertise.
Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions
  • Shell
  • Blue OX Resources
  • Bedrock Energy Partner
  • Endeavor Energy Resources
  • Hite Hedge

Make our data your own

Oil & Gas Production & Completion Data​

Energy professionals use Novi Data to make their most critical investment decisions.


Novi collaborates with some of the most technologically savvy operators in unconventional oil in gas, working to ensure that the scraping, processing, and allocating algorithms produce highly accurate results.

Fast & Reliable

Support your analysis with reliable oil well data. We ensure that public data is processed and made available to you the moment it is available. Significant efforts are made to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Data Science

Novi builds analytics-ready, investment-grade datasets. We apply our data science expertise to automate quality checks, identity bad data, and improve data quality.

What's covered?

All production & completion oil & gas data required for advanced analytical workflows.

  • Well header data
  • Production data
  • Completions
  • Highly accurate lease-to-well allocation
  • Subsurface & landing zones
  • Acreage maps
  • Well tests
  • Well permits
  • Directional survey data
  • Well spacing
  • Production forecasts
  • Vertical and horizontal wells included

Our oil & gas data works with your existing tools and workflows

Benefit from our low-latency approach by utilizing our REST API, or download directly to your desktop. Out data structure has been optimized to work with analytics tools such as Tableau, Spotfire or Power BI.

  • Structured Data for effortless analysis with easy-to-scan datasets
  • Full Integration with Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, or Power BI.
  • REST API for a continuous update on your terms.

Not sure how our oil & gas data could fit your needs?

Explain us your interests and the key questions that you face and we will show you in a live session how Novi Labs can support you.

Trusted by some of the world's top Oil & Gas and financial institutions

  • Shell
  • BlackSwan
  • BlueOx
  • Endeavor
  • Bedrock Energy Partner

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Accurate forecast on parent-child developments

In this live webinar, you will learn how Novi’s new algorithm improves model sensitivity for spacing and parent-child scenarios, providing powerful results for previously difficult-to-analyze problems.

Ted Cross, our VP of Product Management, will show you how this update improves spacing and infill scenario analysis without sacrificing model accuracy.