Up-to-date & detailed acreage positions of operators and mineral rights companies.

Acreage Maps

In the competitive landscape of North American oil and gas, acreage maps are the first place to start. Knowing a company’s position is a critical first step for any analysis. Novi collects and digitizes acreage maps from a range of public sources, covering both operators and royalty companies. 

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Acreage Maps

Acreage maps are visual representations of the areas of land that an oil and gas company has leased or has the rights to drill on. They show the geographic boundaries of the company’s leasehold or working interest. Acreage maps are an essential tool for understanding the competitive landscape, evaluating an asset, or making equity investments. 

Why are acreage maps important?

Acreage maps show you where a company has leasehold or other interest. Understanding the extent of a company’s interest is critical to assessing their remaining inventory and valuing the business. Business development teams or investors can use acreage maps to proactively identify A&D targets. Novi also provides Working Interest or Net Revenue Interest, where available, helping to fill in those critical numbers for your valuation workflows.

Why Novi Labs' Data?

We offer the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

Operator-provided data

Novi Labs has licensed production data from its operator and royalty customers. This license allows novi to get non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations

Fast & Reliable

Support your analysis with reliable oil well data. We ensure that public data is processed and made available to you the moment it is available. Significant efforts are made to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Data Science

Novi builds analytics-ready, investment-grade datasets. We apply our data science expertise to automate quality checks, identity bad data, and improve data quality.

Novi's acreage maps approach

Novi has transformed the conventional approach to acreage maps. By meticulously analyzing a vast array of investor presentations and public documents, we’ve managed to quickly integrate acreage maps into our dataset.

More importantly, we’ve created a unique database of shape files accessible via our API, integrating crucial data such as NRI or WI. This is crucial data to understand how much development potential existing operators still have in their acreage.

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