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Oil & Gas Completion Data

Novi’s completion data encompasses rarely-available details such as stage counts and cluster spacing, providing valuable insights into the final stages of well drilling. This unique dataset enhances reservoir understanding, aids in optimizing production techniques, facilitates well performance evaluation, and contributes to economic analyses and environmental considerations across the oil and gas industry.

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Completions Data

In the oil and gas industry, completions refer to the process of finishing a wellbore so that it can produce oil or gas. This involves several steps, such as installing casing, perforating the casing to create channels for oil or gas to flow through, and hydraulic fracturing to create additional flow channels. The goal of completions is to maximize the production of oil or gas from a well.

Why is completions data important?

Completions design is one of the most important decisions operators have for improving individual well performance — and also usually the largest cost. Unfortunately, in many states, limited completions data is available. 

Novi collects completions data from state forms, FracFocus, and directly from operators. We continually work to optimize our algorithms for properly reporting the proppant and fluid volumes for every well. 

What about stages and clusters? Through the Novi Data Network, Novi customers can use those critical design parameters to train models and provide optimizations. This can unlock millions of dollars of value across a development program. 

Why Novi Labs Upstream Data?

We offer the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

Operator-provided data

Novi Labs has licensed production data from its operator and royalty customers. This license allows novi to get non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations

Fast & Reliable

Support your analysis with reliable oil well data. We ensure that public data is processed and made available to you the moment it is available. Significant efforts are made to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Data Science

Novi builds analytics-ready, investment-grade datasets. We apply our data science expertise to automate quality checks, identity bad data, and improve data quality.

What's covered?

All production & completion oil & gas data required for advanced analytical workflows.

  • Well header data
  • Production
  • Highly accurate lease-to-well allocation
  • Completions
  • Operator-provided proppant
  • Subsurface & landing zones
  • Acreage maps
  • Well tests
  • Well permits
  • Fluid
  • Clusters
  • Directional survey data
  • Well spacing
  • Production forecasts
  • Vertical and horizontal wells included
  • Target formations
  • Stages

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