Landing zone locations for horizontal oil & gas wells

Landing Zones

Where was the well landed? Knowing this is critical for understanding production drivers. Novi’s experience in working with operators over many years has led to the development of unique intellectual property and algorithms to assign landing zones. The combination of our experience, subsurface data, directional surveys, proprietary data, and operator feedback ensures the right landing zone assignment.

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Landing Zones

The landing zones are the particular formation that a well targets and produces from. The art and science of pinpointing the right landing zones are critical to successful exploration and extraction operations. Operators choose a landing zone based on geological data, reservoir characteristics, and development objectives.

Why are landing zones important?

Landing zones are a critical piece of data for optimizing production in oil and gas fields. By drilling and landing within the desired reservoir intervals, operators can access the most productive portions of the reservoir and maximize hydrocarbon recovery.

Especially in modern multi-zone basins with unconventional reservoirs like the Permian, identifying and developing landing zones is key to the overall inventory of an operator. Landing zones can be in full development, appraisal, or exploration. 

Why Novi Labs Upstream Data?

We offer the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

Operator-provided data

Novi Labs has licensed production data from its operator and royalty customers. This license allows novi to get non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations

Fast & Reliable

Support your analysis with reliable oil well data. We ensure that public data is processed and made available to you the moment it is available. Significant efforts are made to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Data Science

Novi builds analytics-ready, investment-grade datasets. We apply our data science expertise to automate quality checks, identity bad data, and improve data quality.

Subsurface & landing zones tool Walkthrough

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Join Ted Cross, Novi’s VP of product managment, as he takes explains how Novi Insight Engine can help you with subsurface characterization (8:17)

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