Accurate Well-Level Production Data

Lease-to-Well Production Allocation

To conduct comprehensive well-level analysis, it is crucial to break down production data to the individual well level, even though it is commonly reported at the lease level in many states. Novi Labs has built the most accurate allocated production data for oil, gas, and water using our proprietary lease-to-well allocation algorithms. 

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Lease-to-Well Production Allocation

Production allocation is the process of assigning the total production of a group of wells or a production facility to the individual wells or zones that contribute to it. This essential process establishes the amount of oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons produced by each well or zone.

Why is production allocation important?

Production allocation is a critical aspect of oil and gas production because it affects how revenues are distributed, how reservoir performance is analyzed, and how production data is used for reservoir management. It is typically done using a combination of production data measurement, modeling, and analysis techniques.

Without allocated production (or other proprietary sources like the Novi Data Network), you aren’t able to understand how much each individual well produces. This makes it impossible to analyze per-well reserves, study completions designs, evaluate the productivity of different targets, or estimate lateral length production efficiencies. 

Transform production data into actionable insights with precise lease-to-well allocation

Novi's production allocation approach

Tackling the Texas Challenge

In contrast to the standard practices in most US states, Texas operators report their production at the lease level, rather than the individual well level. This poses a significant challenge to analysts, operators, and anyone else attempting to distill meaningful insights from this data.

This unique reporting methodology in Texas creates an intricate web of data that is difficult to decode. A lease, encompassing a group of wells within a similar geographic area, can range from a solitary well to over a thousand for larger estates. The variation in data granularity proves problematic for crucial analytical tasks such as well forecasting, where individual well level production data is essential for accurate results.

Amidst the complexities of changing leases, stacked laterals, pending productions, reclassified wells, and the distinct reporting prerequisites of the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), the task of allocating production to individual wells from lease level data is far from trivial. With over 400,000 leases and 600,000 wells in Texas, this daunting problem needed a revolutionary solution, and that’s where Novi Labs stepped in.

Novi's lease-to-well allocation

Leveraging our years of hands-on experience with operators and our extensive knowledge of forecasting, we’ve architected advanced algorithms to deliver highly accurate production profiles at the well level. These algorithms aren’t just a static solution; they’re dynamic, capable of accommodating all possible lease configurations and evolving with them over time.

The foundation of our approach is the Novi Data Network (NDN), an ever-expanding set of approximately fifteen thousand wells, replete with actual production data. NDN serves as the fuel for our allocation algorithms, enabling us to identify areas for enhancement and instantly test whether a proposed modification improves allocation accuracy.

This approach is made even more effective by our close collaborations with our operator customers. Since these operators are the ones filing the reports to the RRC, they provide invaluable insights into unique reporting requirements, helping us fine-tune our solution.

Thanks to our relentless pursuit of improvement, the precision of our lease-to-well allocation now leads the industry, transforming the Texas reporting challenge into an opportunity for better data analysis and insights.

Why Novi Lab' Data?

We offer the most up-to-date, accurate and complete oil & gas data on the market.

Operator-provided data

Novi Labs has licensed production data from its operator and royalty customers. This license allows novi to get non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas, operator-provided proppant, fluid, stages, clusters, and target formations

Fast & Reliable

Support your analysis with reliable oil well data. We ensure that public data is processed and made available to you the moment it is available. Significant efforts are made to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Industry-Leading Data Science

Novi builds analytics-ready, investment-grade datasets. We apply our data science expertise to automate quality checks, identity bad data, and improve data quality.

Looking for reliable and accurate well-level production data?

With Novi Labs you can leverage the most accurate, time and comprehensive data available for lower 48. If you are an operator, mineral or royalty owner, analyst or investor, Novi provides an easy-to-use platform with powerful insights and real time updates.

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