Industry-leading Production Data

US Production Data

Novi Labs provides highly accurate and comprehensive production datasets, surpassing other vendors in terms of data accuracy and timeliness. Our production datasets combine public and proprietary data (sourced from leading operators and mineral owners), including exclusive information like well-level production in Texas.

  • Accurately analyze well performance, improve investment decisions, and minimize work forecasting around noisy allocated data.
  • Critial, non-public data like daily well-level production in Texas.
  • Unparalleled quality, with each dataset cleaned and curated across multiple sources by Novi reservoir engineers.
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  • Shell
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  • Bedrock Energy Partner
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Oil & Gas Historical Production Data

Production data refers to quantities of oil, gas, water, and other hydrocarbons produced from a well or group of wells over a given period. 

Production data is the foundation for any analysis of well, field, or asset performance.

As the leading provider, we offer the most accurate & analytics-ready US upstream data in the industry.

Why is historical production data crucial in the oil and gas industry?

Historical production data is vital in the oil and gas industry for reservoir management, production optimization, asset evaluation, and field development planning. It enables companies to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, maximize asset value, and predict future production trends. Accurate and reliable production data is crucial for ensuring the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of oil and gas operations.

Novi’s industry-leading oil & gas production data includes proprietary, well-level data

What makes our production data comprehensive, precise, and timely?

Novi Labs has proprietary production data provided directly from its operator and royalty customers. Novi publishes the data on a monthly basis, consisting tens of thousands of wells and over a million barrels a day of production. 

Why does this matter? In Texas and other states with lease-level reporting, Novi or other providers have to estimate the well-level production from irregular well tests. With this proprietary dataset, Novi publishes the data directly, after rigorous quality assurance monitoring. We also use these proprietary data to better infer the production data from nearby wells!

Within the Texas Permian Basin, our proprietary production data covers more than 30% of total unconventional oil production.

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Our oil & gas data works with your existing tools and workflows

Benefit from our low-latency approach by utilizing our REST API, or download directly to your desktop. Out data structure has been optimized to work with analytics tools such as Tableau, Spotfire or Power BI.

  • Structured Data for effortless analysis with easy-to-scan datasets
  • Full Integration with Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, or Power BI.
  • REST API for a continuous update on your terms.

Enno Peters | Energy Tech Talk | Proprietary Production Data

How are we addressing production data quality limitations?

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