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Explore a lineup of seasoned professionals at Novi Labs who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. From experts in oil & gas to those well-versed in machine learning & technology, our speakers make understanding the energy industry a breeze. Invite them to your event for practical insights delivered in a simple, engaging manner.

Ted Cross

VP of Product Management

With a background as a Senior Geologist at ConocoPhillips, Ted brings a strategic vision to Novi. His journey, from directing product management to serving as a technical advisor, showcases a relentless commitment to driving success at Novi. His expertise spans across operations geology, reservoir engineering collaboration, and predictive modeling to deal with challenging geological formations.

Beyond his role, Ted has resulted in a strong industry reputation, with features in prominent publications like WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, JPT, and AAPG.

Jon Ludwig

President and Co-Founder

Jon Ludwig, the President of Novi, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as a former Oil & Gas Executive at Hess Corporation. With a background rooted in the early days of Shale, Jon’s industry insights have been instrumental in founding Novi in 2015. As a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful technology startup exits, he channels his expertise into reshaping the landscape of Oil & Gas investments. Jon’s unique blend of industry knowledge and a strong foundation in Economics/Finance drives the development of transformative software at Novi, revolutionizing the analysis and decision-making processes in the energy sector.

Dillon Niederhut

Lead Data Scientist 

Dillon is an experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of creating business value by implementing end-to-end solutions for data-driven insights, from novel inventions to model deployment. Self-starter who works cross-functionally to define business requirements, and communicate design decisions and experimental results to technical and non-technical stakeholders. Skilled in Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Python (Programming Language), and Experimental Design. Strong information technology professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Computational Semantics from University of California, Berkeley.

Brandon Myers

Head of Research 

Brandon Myers is the Head of Research at Novi Labs, leveraging his background in Equities research at Peters & Co. Brandon was drawn to Novi by its unmatched data quality and cutting-edge analytics. His role involves being at the forefront of recognizing trends in data with implications for energy finance and geopolitics.

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